Publication Terms
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First: Issuing the magazine

The Institute publishes the journal annually with a minimum number of one to publish research in the fields of statistics and related sciences Space can be allocated in the journal to publish scientific papers such as reviews or critical reviews, abstracts of books and university theses or educational and awareness papers or summary reports of conferences and seminars related to the field of the magazine, and can devote full numbers of studies and research prepared by the Institute.

Second: Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the magazine consists of the following:

  1. Advisory Board
  2. Editorial board
  • Editor-in chief
  • Deputy Editor-in chief
  • Editorial board members
  • Scientific consulting committee
  • Editorial secretary

Third: Specialties and Tasks

The terms of reference and tasks of the organizational structure components shall be described and defined as follows:

A. Advisory Board:

The body is made up, with an honorary capacity, professors and experts in the Arab world selected by the Institute that no more than 10 people.You can consult the Commission in any of the relevant topics of the magazine and decided by the Editorial Board.

B- The Editorial Board:

1. Editorial Board is composed of professors and experts in the Arab world selected by the Institute that the number of members not more than 8 persons, and entrusted with the following responsibilities:

- Develop work plans for the magazine with supervision of the organization and implementation of technical matters related to it.

- Approving the research prepared for publication after the conclusion of the arbitration process.

- Conducting the periodic evaluation of the magazine in terms of form and content in order to develop it.

- Approval of the technical output of the magazine.

2. The editorial board shall meet at least twice a year at the invitation of the Director General of the Institute.When equal, the votes next to the editor-in-chief shall prevail.

C. Editor-in chief

The functions and competencies of the Editor-in chief shall be determined by chairing the meetings of the Editorial Board.

D. Deputy Editor-in chief (Director General of the Institute):

The duties and competencies of the Deputy Editor-in chief shall be determined as follows:

  1. Supervising the process of preparing research for publishing and printing.
  2. Invitation and scheduling of the meetings of the editorial board.
  3. Selection of Research Resident .
  4. Implementing the policies and plans of the magazine including the development and adoption of publishing rules.
  5. Carry out the work of the editor-in-chief in his absence.
  6. Nomination of the Second Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Editorial secretary
  7. Assigning the Second Vice-Chairman of the Editorial Board any work or action related to the magazine.

The functions and competencies of the Editorial secretary shall be as follows:

  1. Receive the requests for publication in the magazine on the electronic address of the magazine and inform the Deputy Editor-in chief .
  2. Following up the procedures of publishing research with researchers and residents in all necessary stages of work, as follows:

- Notify the researcher to receive the research after two working days from the date of receipt, and also in the case that the research is not valid for arbitration after consulting the opinion of the Deputy Editor-in chief after 7 working days from the date of the first notification.

- Sends the researcher feedback of the evaluator (if any) in order to make the required adjustments, This is done within one week from the date of receipt of the Institute of those observations by the resident.

- Notify the researcher of the approval of the evaluator on the amendments he made to his research within a week from the date of notification of the Institute of this approval.

- Notify the researcher of the approval of the journal editorial board to publish the research in the magazine within a week from the date of the meeting of the committee.

  1. Surveying the opinion of the First Deputy Editor-in chief (or the Second Deputy) on all matters related to the magazine from the stage of receiving the research and making sure that it complies with the rules of publishing to the stage of publishing, printing and publishing the magazine, through the evaluation stage and matching the observations of the evaluators.
  2. Preparing the minutes of the meetings of the editorial board.
  3. Placement of any financial dues related to the meetings of the editorial board or research evaluators.

Fourth: Rules and Conditions of Publication:

That the research submitted for publication may not be published in magazines or periodicals or other conferences or seminars. The research to be published in the journal should be submitted in hard copy or sent as an electronic copy (disc or email) to the magazine's electronic address (, if the research conforms to the following specifications:

  • - The research should be printed on paper size (17 cm width, 24 cm height) in Arabic using the type of simplified Arabic or English time new Roman and the size of line 12 and on one side of the paper, leaving a distance of 2.5 cm for all dimensions of the paper and the spacing between the single lines.
  • - The researcher should enclose a summary of his research in Arabic and English with no more than one adjective.
  • - References to scientific sources in the body of the research and at the end of the duly approved as in the ABA or ATA (author name, year of publication, source address, publishing house, and country).
  • - To be numbered tables, illustrations, and others as contained in the research.
  • - The number of search pages should not exceed 25 pages.

Fifth: Evaluation of Research

Any research submitted for publication is subject to scientific and objective arbitration by a minimum of two evaluators. Residents should not be informed of the researcher's name and vice versa.

The evaluator shall be given one month from the date of assignment; otherwise, the assignment will be canceled.

The researcher shall be informed of the evaluator's observations (if any) and be asked to comply with them within a monthly period from the date of notification. Otherwise, publication procedures shall be suspended by a decision of the Deputy Editor-in chief and the researcher shall be notified immediately after the expiry of this period (unless there are compelling circumstances convinced by the Institute).

Sixth: General Provisions

  • Research published in the journal is the property of the journal and may not be republished.
  • The articles published in the magazine reflect the views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the magazine.
  • The Journal is distributed free of charge to Arab statistical agencies.
  • The evaluator (non-staff of the Institute) symbolic financial reward of $ 70 USD with a letter of thanks for his contribution in the evaluation process.
  • Gives a member of the Editorial Board (non-staff of the Institute) symbolic reward of $ 50 USD for each meeting will be attended by participating.
  • The subscription to the magazine in exchange for an annual payment of a nominal fee of 10 US Dollar for individuals and US $ 15 for institutions.